Center for Psychotraumatology


The Center has a long-term expertise in psychotraumatology, which is reflected in a number of published scientific papers, conducted research projects, national and international collaboration, and other activities related to stress-related disorders. Our main focus areas are research, training, and policy.

The center is led by associate professor dr. Evaldas Kazlauskas, who has been involved in psychotraumatology research since 2000. Evaldas is a board member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and an editorial board member of European Journal for Psychotraumatology.


High quality research and evidence-based knowledge to promote stress response and trauma assessment, treatment and prevention.


Leading excellence center for psychotraumatology in the region with international collaborations and providing evidence-based knowledge in the field for quality research, education, treatment, prevention and policy.


Universiteto str. 9, Room 408, Vilnius, Lithuania


Phone: +370 5 2687126

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There are 7 departments at the Faculty of Philosophy, which concentrate their research activities on different social and humanitarian sciences and are implementing both national and international research programmes and projects:

Department of General Psychology,
Department of Educology,
Department of Philosophy,
Department of Logic and History of Philosophy,
Department of Clinical and Organizational Psychology,
Department of Social Work,
Department of Sociology.


Information will be available soon.



Head Prof. Marius Povilas Šaulauskas
Phone: +370 5 266 76 17

Conducts research in the field of the fundamental social, cultural, and political changes that are directly or indirectly stimulated and generated by the rapid development based on the principle of digital communication.


Head Prof. Lilija Duoblienė
Phone: +370 5 266 76 25

Conducts theoretical and applied research on education policy, the system of education, analyses the issues of educational reform, financing of education and private tutoring, organizes courses for students in education policy and management.


Head Assoc. prof. Evaldas Kazlauskas
Phone: +370 5 2687126, +370 675 62696

The leading center for traumatic stress studies in the Baltic States. Conducts basic and applied research on traumatic stress, stress-related disorders and internet-based interventions, provides specialized psychological clinical assessment and treatment for trauma survivors.



Head Assoc. Prof. Roma Jusienė
Phone: +370 5 268 72 54

Provides professional psychological services, conducts psychological researches, provides training for graduate students and professional psychologists.


Head Prof. Aleksandras Dobryninas
Phone: +370 5 266 76 26

Conducts research, criminological expertise, takes part in national and international projects, coordinates the practical use and learning (teaching) of interdisciplinary criminological knowledge and organises interdisciplinary criminological studies.



Head Assoc. Prof. Sigita Girdzijauskienė
Phone: +370 5 266 76 26

Organizes and coordinates teacher trainning programs at Vilnius university, initiates and conducts additional qualification courses for teachers as well as reasearch in this field.




Head Prof. Albinas Bagdonas
Phone: +370 5 268 72 55

Main research areas:

• Multidimensionality of the functioning of a person:
theoretical, assessmental and practical aspects

Research interests:

• Psychosocial functioning of disabled people and their families
• Psychometrics
• Creation, adaptation and standardization of
psychological assessment methods


Head Prof. Henrikas Vaitkevičius
Phone: +370 5 266 76 19,

Main research areas:

• Information technologies of transducers and neural nets
• Investigation of the psychophysiological mechanism of
human perception

Research interests:

• Psychosocial modeling on sensation and perception: color and
visual space perception, local feature extraction and dynamic
processes dealing with attention and perception.


Head prof. Arūnas Poviliūnas
Phone: +370 5 26676026

Conducts theoretical and applied research in the field of sociology,
takes part in national and international projects, provides
professional expertise on sociological research (consultations, assessment,
etc.), supports the development of research potentials
and student skills, organizes methodical conferences, seminars,
disseminates research findings, creates database of sociological
literature and research findings, on the basis of contemporary research
works develops and applies innovative learning forms etc.


A. Poviliunas copyDean of the Faculty of Philosophy
Prof. Arūnas Poviliūnas
Phone  266 7601, 213 room,

Office hours:  
Wednesday 10.00-13.00
Thursday 14.00-17.00

kazlauskasVice-Dean for Studies
Assoc. Prof. Evaldas Kazlauskas
Phone 266 7602, 211 room,

Office hours:
Monday 10.30-13.00
Wednesday 10.30-13.00

Responsibilities: coordination of studies; Erasmus+ mobility programme.

vidjak20120830Vice-Dean for Relations and Projects
Vida Jakutienė
Phone 266 7621, 206 room,

Office hours:
Monday 14.00-16.00
Thursday 09.00-13.00

Responsibilities: coordination of national and international projects and programs; Initiation and support of cooperation with various Lithuanian and foreign institutions; Publicity of the Faculty activities.

norkus 1Vice-Dean for Research and Strategic Planning
Prof. Zenonas Norkus
Phone 266 7603, 210 room,

Office hours:
Monday 17.00-19.00
Wednesday 14.00-16.00

Responsibilities: coordination of scientific research, doctoral studies and publishing of scientific literature at the Faculty; Enhancing and supplementing the library resour

kestdubn01Vice-Dean for Partnership
Assoc. Prof. Kęstutis Dubnikas

tel.: 219 3170, room 404-1

Office hours:
Monday 12.00-13.00
Thursday 14.00-15.00

Janina Markevičienė
Phone 266 7622, 206 room,

Office hours:
Monday – Thursday
Lunch break: 13.00 - 14.00

Responsibilities: management of financial issues, public procurement procedures, staff documentation, and rental of premises.

albina misiunaiteStudies Coordinator
Albina Misiūnaitė
Phone/fax. 266 7600, 212 room, 

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
10.30-13.00; 14.00-15.00

Responsibilities: coordination of General University Studies (BUS), Minor studies, part-time undergraduate studies, and full-time masters studies (except Psychology studies for university degree holders); Dean's assistant.

Zenkevic JolantaSenior specialist
Jolanta Zenkevič
Phone 268 7191, 108 room,

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-16.00

 Responsibilities: tuitition fees; repeating the course; free listener contracts; undergraduate Psychology studies (for university degree holders).

AldonaSenior specialist
Aldona Mačiūnienė
Phone 266 7604, 109 room, 

Responsibilities: management of national and international projects, information on financial support for internships and trips to academic events abroad; publicity of project activities on the Faculty‘s website.

vida mmSenior specialist
Vida Leilionienė
Phone 266 7608, 108 room, 

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-16.00

Responsibilities: coordination of free-choice and optional courses, lecture schedules, classroom availability.

giedliupSenior specialist
Giedrė Liupševičiūtė
Phone 266 7607, 108 room, 

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-16.00

Responsibilities: employment contracts and internship agreements; registration of bank cards, management of students' personal files archive.

danileil01Senior specialist-engineer
Danielius Leilionas
Phone 266 7612, 113 room, .

Responsibilities: maintenance and administration of computers and video projectors; advice and assistance for faculty and students on using IT for research and studies.

Olga SuprunSenior specialist
Olga Suprun
Phone 266 7618, 109 room,

Responsibilities: publicity and promotion of academic, scientific, and project activities; Administration of the Faculty‘s website; Organizing events.

ruta dragunevicieneHead of the studies division
Rūta Dragūnevičienė
Phone 266 7606, 212 room,

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
10.30-13.00; 14.00-15.00

Responsibilities: coordination of studies division work; Erasmus+ mobility programme.

J. RapalaviciuteDoctoral studies coordinator
Jūratė Rapalavičiūtė
Phone 266 7616, 108 room, 

Responsibilities: coordination of full-time and part-time doctoral studies; Administration of the Faculty‘s research activities.

vilma kuodyteSenior specialist

Vilma Kuodytė
Phone 268 7190, 109 room,

Responsibilities: management of national and international projects, information on financial support for internships and trips to academic events abroad.


dovileSenior specialist

Dovilė Tatarėlienė
Phone 219 3146, 109 room,

Responsibilities: management of national and international projects,