Center for Psychotraumatology


The Center has a long-term expertise in psychotraumatology, which is reflected in a number of published scientific papers, conducted research projects, national and international collaboration, and other activities related to stress-related disorders. Our main focus areas are research, training, and policy.

The center is led by associate professor dr. Evaldas Kazlauskas, who has been involved in psychotraumatology research since 2000. Evaldas is a board member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and an editorial board member of European Journal for Psychotraumatology.


High quality research and evidence-based knowledge to promote stress response and trauma assessment, treatment and prevention.


Leading excellence center for psychotraumatology in the region with international collaborations and providing evidence-based knowledge in the field for quality research, education, treatment, prevention and policy.


Universiteto str. 9, Room 408, Vilnius, Lithuania


Phone: +370 5 2687126

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