Constructionism 2018 [2018 08 21-25]

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Dear Constructionist Friends and Colleagues,

We are very excited to invite you all to join us in Vilnius, Lithuania for Constructionism 2018 in August 21 to 25. This is an especially important time for us and we want to share our enthusiasm with all of you.

2018 marks the Centennial of the Restoration of an independent democratically-run state of Lithuania. The 16 of February 2018 links the old Lithuania, born on 6 July 1253, with a newly independent Lithuania, restored on the 11 of March 1990. Please come and help us celebrate!

Constructionism 2018 is a conference where both academic and practitioners of the constructionist philosophy will gather to share their experiences. The conference will be held at Vilnius University, founded 1579, one of the oldest universities in North Europe.

The following researchers are going to contribute as plenary speakers: T. Bell (U. Canterbury, New Zealand), P. Blikstein (Stanford U., USA), J. Clayson (American U. Paris, France), G. Futschek (Vienna U. Technology, Austria), P. Goldenberg (Education Development Center, USA), B. Harvey (U. California, USA), A. Hjorth (Northwestern U., USA), C. Hoyles (UCL, UK), I. Kalaš (Comenius U., Slovakia), J. Mönig (SAP, Germany), R. Noss (UCL, UK), M. Resnick (MIT Media Lab, USA), J. Sendova (Inst. Mathematics, Bulgaria), W. Slany (Graz U. Technology, Austria), G. Stager (Constructing Modern Knowledge Torrance, USA), U. Wilensky (Northwestern U., USA).

The following are some resources to help you to plan your involvement. We need your contribution at Constructionism 2018!

Accepted contributions will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Selected research papers will be published in International Journals:

After the conference there will be possibility to extend the best papers and publish in International Journal Constructivist Foundations (indexed by Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Scopus, etc.)

Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions about helping us make this event memorable. In addition, please help us advertise Constructionism 2018.

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Collegially yours,
Prof. Valentina Dagienė
Co-Chair Constructionism 2018