VU FsF projects

 No.  Project name and number  Contacts
1. Systematic Approaches For Equality of Gender (SAFER)
Grant Agreement Number – 776970
Assoc. prof. Neringa Grigutytė,
Phone: +370 5 266 7605
2. Reflection as core transferable competence in higher education and adult education 2014-1-LT01-KA200+000547 Dr. Aurelija Jakubė,
Phone: +370 5 268 7239
 3.  White Task Force on the Development of Skills of the Social Welfare Professionals working with vulnerable groups – WIT (No. VS/2013/0316) Assoc. prof. Violeta Gevorgianienė
Phone +370 5 266 76 10
 4.  Internationalization in Sociology and Criminology Studies (No. VP1-2.2.-ŠMM-07-K-02-053) Prof. Arūnas Poviliūnas
Phone: +370 5 266 76 26
 5.  Development and Introduction of Multilingual Teacher Education Programs at Universities of Georgia and Ukraine – DIMTEGU (Project No. 530360-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-GE-TEMPUS-JPCR. Agreement No. 2012-3652/001-001) Prof. Vilija Targamadzė
Phone: +370 5 266 76 25
 6.  Science for Prevention Academic Network – SPAN (Project No. 526773-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-ERASMUS-ENW. Agreement No. 2012-4843/001-001/TarptS-250000335) Assoc. prof. Laima Bulotaitė
Phone: +370 5 2667605
 7.  The Children´s Rights Erasmus Academic Network – CREAN (Project No. 527696-LLP-1-2012-1-DE-ERASMUS-ENW. Consortium Agreement No. BS-250000-1665)  Assoc. prof. Tomas Butvilas
Phone: +370 5 2667625

 More information about international projects at the Faculty of Philosophy can be found by following this link.

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