berniūnas copyKviečiame į Kognityvinių mokslų centro seminarą, kuriame prof. Victor de Munck (Azijos ir transkultūrinių studijų institutas, Vilniaus universitetas) pristatys kognityvinę antropologiją ir aptars kaip galima suprasti „kultūrą“ iš kognityvinės perspektyvos.
Seminaras vyks anglų kalba. Seminaro pavadinimas:
„Disciplining culture: the fallacy that keeps on misgiving“
Pranešimo santrauka:
Anthropology has an ambivalent relationship with its core disciplinary concept – culture. Beyond the rather vague, but important notion that culture is shared and learned, there is little agreement about how to define and identify something as culture(al). In order to move beyond the “mush stage” of defining culture, I offer a disciplinary framework for considering how culture can be a collective that is individually held and used. I begin with an overview of the fallacies inherent in most  theories of culture. Using the writings and thoughts of philosophers, sociologists and an-thropologists, I will present a socio-cognitive theory of culture that allow us to know something is shared and how recognition of the shared knowledge of culture shapes agency. I posit that while culture doesn’t actually exist, humans, nonetheless, take it to exist. I further propose that cultural models are potentially the basic units of culture.
Renginys vyks 2019 m. rugsėjo 25 d. (trečiadienis), 17.00 val., VU Filosofijos fakulteto (Universiteto g. 9) 201 aud.
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