InGRID logoPristatome InGRID projektą, finansuojamą 7-osios bendrosios Europos Sąjungos mokslinių tyrimų, technologinės plėtros ir demonstracinės veiklos programos:

InGRIDInclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion – referring to the EU2020-ambition of Inclusive Growth, aims to integrate and to innovate existing, but distributed European social sciences research infrastructures on ‘Poverty and Living Conditions’ and ‘Working Conditions and Vulnerability’ by providing transnational data access, organizing mutual knowledge exchange activities and improving methods and tools for comparative research. This integration will provide the related European scientific community with new and better opportunities to fulfil its key role in the development of evidence-based European policies for Inclusive Growth. 

In this regard specific attention is paid to a better measurement of related state policies, to high-performance statistical quality management, and to dissemination/outreach activities with the broader stakeholder community-of-interest, including European politics, civil society and statistical system. A better measurement and understanding of vulnerable groups is the common and shared expected impact of this integrated research infrastructure.

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