Seventh call for visiting grants

ingrid logoA new call offering visiting grants to InGRID data expertise centers is launched. During a short visit, researchers have the opportunity to work on key European data sets and surveys, and receive support and advice from experienced users. These visiting grants offer free-of-charge access to one of the data centers, including reimbursement of travel costs and a subsistence allowance. Applying for a visiting grant is possible until 26 July 2015 through completion of the online application form.
The results of this selection round will be available in September 2015, for visits starting from November 2015 onwards.

The experiences of previous visitors to these data centres and their research projects can be found on our website.

Deadline for applications: 26 July 2015.
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Call for autumn School on ‘Elaborating a discrete-time dynamic microsimulation model with LIAM2, an open source development tool’

This autumn school is organised by the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER, formerly CEPS/INSTEAD) and takes place in Luxembourg from 16 until 18 November 2015.

The autumn school is intended as an extensive introduction for those who wish to initiate (or know more about) the development of a dynamic microsimulation model. It will leave maximum room for practice. After an overview of basic concepts, participants will start working on their own simple dynamic model from scratch, using the open source toolbox LIAM2. There is no need for prior knowledge of LIAM2 which will be introduced from zero during the workshop. Both basic and more advanced modelling methodologies will be introduced. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to introduce briefly their own developments or concerns which in turn might leave room for further improve-ments of LIAM2. After this workshop, the participants will know enough to start the development of their own microsimulation model, including importing datasets and produce understandable output tables.

Deadline for applications: 2 August 2015.
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Siekdami užtikrinti jums teikiamų paslaugų kokybę, Universiteto tinklalapiuose naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą jūs sutinkate su Vilniaus universiteto slapukų politika. Daugiau informacijos