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Objectives of the SAFER project are to prevent, encourage reporting and combat gender-based violence (GBV) against children fostering a systematic approach in cultivating life skills, building healthy relationships, adopting and maintaining values, (such as, respect, justice) and increasing resilience and personal strength. The project aims at sensitizing and awareness raising of primary school teachers, students, parents and relevant stakeholders regarding GBV; and supplying

teachers with relevant classroom material enabling them to discuss about GBV in their classroom, challenge existing gender stereotypes and ultimately prevent GBV.

Multiple methods are grouped in two large thematic categories a) Developing and utilizing awareness raising procedures aiming at sensitization b) Development of innovative training materials for teachers to identify and prevent GBV.


  • Designing and developing the survey and analysis of results
  • Development of Training/ Educational Package preparation
  • Pre-testing of material and exchange good practices among the trainers
  • Capacity-building and training for teachers
  • Implementation of awareness and dissemination activities to the target groups and general public

Main Target:

100 Primary Teachers in each country (total number of 600)

Beneficiaries: Children 8-12 years old


Teachers: Enrich of competences and awareness about the issues of gender-based violence, and ways to tackle the issue.

  • Children: Improvement of knowledge and skills to prevent and to react to GBV. Development of assertiveness to counteract and develop resilience and adequate coping
  • Society (Impact to parents, stakeholders etc): Development of a more unprejudiced society, able to understand and prevent GBV actions

Type and number of outputs to be produced:

National and Comparative Research Reports

Educational package for the teachers

Awareness raising outputs (video, animation movie, mobile application etc)

Dissemination materials



The Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family – APHVF (Cyprus)


Vilnius University (Lithuania) (head of the project – dr. Neringa Grigutytė)

Profexcel. Net Ltd – ICEP Europe (Ireland)

Neophytos Ch. Charalambous (Institute of Development) Ltd – IoD (Cyprus)

CESIE (Italy)

GrantXpert Consulting Limited – GrantXpert (Cyprus)

Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology – HAPPSY (Greece)

YouAct (United Kingdom)


Child protection policy and procedures - download

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