Nemo intrat in caelum nisi per philosophiam

Founded in 1579 and aimed at further pursuing the European cultural and scientific traditions, the oldest faculty of Vilnius University at the same time remains open and modern. It is a wide-spectrum institution of science and education that offers study programmes in philosophy, educology, psychology, social work, social policy and sociology as well as organizes scientific research in those areas.

By their research, creative effort and educational activity, the lecturers and researchers of the Faculty strive to provide a wide-spectrum tertiary humanitarian and social academic education, to build professional competence as well as to develop creative, daring, responsible and free people.

01. Initium semestri
02. Facultas Philosophiae
03. Lectio prima
04. Facultas Philosopiae
05. Paskaita
06. Facultas Philosopiae
07. Students of the Faculty of Philosopy
08. Facultas Philosopiae
09. Cogito ergo sum
10. Autumn at the Faculty of Philosophy
11. Fiesta Personae
12. Facultas Philosopiae
13. Faculty of Philosophy. Winter.
14. Finitis semestri
Černobylio patirtis - nesibaigianti kova su „nematomu” priešu

Černobylio patirtis - nesibaigianti kova su „nematomu” priešu

Praėjus 29 metams nuo Černobylio avarijos dalis jos likvidatorių vis dar išgyvena ten patirtos psich...

Mainai veža – važiuok kartu

Mainai veža – važiuok kartu

Balandžio 28 d. nuo 10 iki 18 val. jungiamuosiuose rūmuose (Saulėtekio al. 9) šurmuliuos smagus ...

Baltijos šalių mokslų akademijų medalis – prof. Z. Norkui

Baltijos šalių mokslų akademijų medalis – prof. Z. Norkui

2015 m. balandžio 20-21 dienomis Rygoje, Latvijos mokslų akademijoje įvyko XIV-oji Baltijos šalių in...

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