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Pieter Vanhuysse is a Professor of Comparative Welfare State Research at the University of Southern Denmark. He holds a PhD in Government and an MSc in European Politics and Policy from the London School of Economics and a Master in Economics from the University of Leuven.

Trained as an economist and political scientist, and reading widely also in sociology, demography, and political ethics, Pieter’s research contributions are explicitly interdisciplinary. In comparative political economy and political sociology of welfare states, he has a strong focus on three subfields: the interplay of pensions, human capital and demographic change; intergenerational justice and intergenerational policies in aging societies; and varieties of welfare state capitalism with a special emphasis on the new EU member states.

Pieter has (co-)authored over 30 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and over 45 chapters, policy briefs and research reports. Pieter's research was covered widely in the press, incl. by Washington Post, OECD Insights, Huffington Post, TAZ, die Welt, and die Zeit.

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