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Improvement of Teaching Techniques by Eye Tracking in Technology Enchanced Classrooms (E-Teach)

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New tools and devices are developed and put in front of human use. In a study, which is performed by Gunuc and Kuzu (2015) it is reported that there exists a positive relationship between student engagement and technology use in class. Mashhadi and Kargozari (2010) defined the technological devices that support teaching in classroom as; software, programs, networks, web, video player, data projector, overhead, computer, television monitors, and so forth. During this technological change, teachers are the primary users of technology in the classroom, and they are much critical than the technology that is being used. Kirkwood and Price (2013) and Koc (2013) also stated the change will be promoted by teachers. Many previous studies revealed that teachers do not have the necessary skills for using these new technological devices and they try to escape from using ETEs in their classes.

Teachers are very critical in the usage of the equipment provided in the classroom. But in the reality, the usage of technology by teachers is not as high as expected. Muir-Herzig (2003) reported that there is an extremely low means of technology use among teachers, and training is needed for the teachers to apply technology as a tool for their curriculum. And she also told that teachers need to receive basic training before technology is placed in the classrooms. It may not be enough the make the classrooms educational technology equipped; teachers should be trained before for the beneficial usage of these equipment in teaching lessons.

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